Best Cruise Ships 2018

Since we first stepped foot on Independence of the Seas back in 2015, we have been completely in awe of everything cruise related.  We often find ourselves sitting in front of the TV watching vlogs on any and all cruise ships.  Maybe we are a little obsessed, but there is just something about a giant floating city that we can’t get enough of.  For this reason, we want to share with you cruise ships that we think you’re going to want to try!

5 Cruise Ships You Need to Try in 2018


  1. Celebrity Edge

While its inaugural voyage isn’t until November of this year, we are already excited for this one!  It all begins with its unique exterior; there is something about the combination of blue, white and orange along with the contemporary design that is just eye-catching.  This paired with the new infinite veranda staterooms (where the full exterior wall opens onto the balcony) makes this cruise super swanky.  Finally, the newest feature that has us loving this ship is the magic carpet.  This “exterior elevator lounge” sits on the side of the ship and moves between decks at different points throughout the day.  The very unique features of this ship make it a new cruise experience that we think you’re going to love!

  1. Norwegian Bliss

Last year we took our first Norwegian cruise on the Escape and we loved it!  As the Bliss is a newer version of this ship, we think it would be a great choice.  From getting almost any craft beer imaginable at the District Brewhouse, to 24/7 pub fare at the Local, to tons of specialty dining experiences, this cruise has it all if you’re a foodie like us!  Even more, if you’re really looking to embark on an Alaskan cruise, this ship has an amazing observation deck to take in the picturesque coastline and wildlife.  We think this makes the Norwegian Bliss a no-brainer!

  1. MSC Seaside

We are hopping on this ship for a Caribbean adventure this week and we are PUMPED!  This ship has an awesome aft pool with spectacular ocean views like you have never seen from any other ship. Furthermore, it also has a chocolate café.  Can you imagine sailing the high seas with all the creamy Italian chocolate and gelato you can eat?  We also really love the ultra-modern interior of this ship.  Chrome and mirror accents everywhere, along with Swarovski crystal steps and the most impressive atrium we’ve yet to find makes this one a must see!

  1. Harmony of the Seas

We have actually booked this ship for 2019 and we are counting the days!  Our cruise on the Independence gave us a taste of Royal Caribbean’s take on cruising and we can’t wait for more.  We love the Royal Promenade as it’s a central location for many activities, food and stores.  This ship also has a boardwalk and Royal Caribbean’s Central Park.  Given the size of the ship, this is a genius way to disburse the crowds!   Other notable features include the Rising Tide bar (an elevator style bar that alternates between the promenade and Central Park), an Aqua Theatre with water shows, and an ice rink!  This ship is jam packed with fun for guests of all ages, and we think you won’t be disappointed with a week (or two) on this ship.

  1. Carnival Horizon

While we have yet to sail a Carnival ship, we are getting more and more intrigued by their new offerings.  Horizon, being the newest and largest ship in the fleet, has some pretty cool features.  In typical Carnival fashion the ship is equipped with Guy’s Burgers which we hear is a must-have!  It also has the Havana Cabana suites.  These staterooms have their own little terrace with seating and a private swing!  The atrium of the ship is equipped with a giant LED sculpture that spans from floor to ceiling and plays various animated scenes throughout the day.  This ship also has the Alchemy Bar where bartenders dream up all kinds of concoctions for you, as well as an Imax theatre!  These features certainly make this ship a strong contender as we choose our next cruise, and we think it could be the perfect fit for you as well!

We hope our list helps you figure out which ship is right for your next cruise!  Do you have a ship that you can’t wait to try out?