MSC Seaside Cruise Diary Day 2

No Rockin’ or Rollin’

This was our first cruise where we haven’t traveled with another couple, therefore, our timeline was totally up to ourselves. First rule of order.. sleeping in! Normally our cruise buddies like to be up and in the dining room for 7am but let’s be real here, we are millennials and we like our sleep.

One thing we noticed right away about this ship was the lack of motion. While we did have relatively calm seas, we still noticed less movement than on previous cruises with similar seas. Even while lying in bed or in the shower, two times that we normally feel the ship rocking, we didn’t feel a thing. Honestly, I was a little disappointed as the gentle rock helps me sleep! I may as well have been in a hotel. But if you’re someone who gets seasick easily, I’d recommend giving this ship a try.

Day At Sea

We headed to the buffet for breakfast, something that we’ve never done before on a cruise. I had heard great things about the breakfast pizza so of course I had to try it! I chose a piece with the least amount of egg (not a fan) and it definitely lived up to its expectation.

MSC Seaside Breakfast Pizza

Buffet breakfast with the must-try breakfast pizza

On a sea day, the areas near the pools are more crowded than usual. It was definitely possible to get loungers relatively close to the pool area, however, they were in the direct sunlight. Both of us burn quite easily in the sun so we went off in search of some shaded loungers. We found a lovely quiet spot on deck 8. For those who like the quiet, take a right when you leave the sports bar and walk until you cannot go any further (spa area). It was close enough that we could walk to the sports bar for drinks, but isolated enough to nap and read.

The bar service at the Sports Bar was slow, but it was quite busy in there at the time. The sports bar was great for anyone who actually likes sports. Lots of TVs and seating, including semi-private booths. I noticed that the sports bar also had wings on the menu, but for a cost (I believe it was around $5-6).

MSC Seaside Purple Rain

I was expecting the “Purple Rain” drink to be purple!

The Seashore restaurant was open for lunch from 12-1:30pm that day, however, we opted for the buffet again. You’ll quickly see a trend here – buffet for breakfast and lunch, MDR for supper. I am still shocked by this as Jordan is not normally a fan of buffets and avoids them on cruises.

We also headed back to Venchi (another trend) where I tried the marocchino. Of all the drinks at Venchi, this one was my favourite. It is described as “espresso with cream between two layers of Venchi cocoa”. It was the perfect mixture of strong and sweet and the chocolate reminded me of Nutella.

Before going back to our room, I picked up a “Frozen Toblerone” from the Seaside Bar. I had heard good things (I mean, the name itself makes it sound amazing!) but I’m not a fan of milk or milky alcohol products. I was pleasantly surprised and in fact, this was one of my favourite drinks on the ship! It wasn’t at all sickly sweet, nor was the alcohol too strong.

A Surprise Gift

Our travel agent, Leslie Ann, surprised us with chocolate covered strawberries, which were hand-delivered to our room. I don’t know if they were covered in Venchi chocolate (I mean, I’m assuming they are!), but they were¬†so good. The strawberries themselves were also really fresh and juicy! They made the perfect afternoon treat!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries from our awesome travel agent!


MSC Seaside Chocolate Strawberries



Elegant Night

This was the elegant night at sea so we dressed up for supper in the dining room. As it was the elegant night, the regular items that appear on the menu every night (steak, chicken, etc) were not available. This was a downer as it meant we had less options to choose from. Luckily you could review the menu on the app beforehand, because I feel like some people would feel limited by the menu on elegant night.

MSC Seaside Menu Day 2

MSC Seaside Menu Elegant

Elegant night menu

I ordered the ceviche for my starter, which I thought was tasty albeit a bit too spicy for my liking. Jordan had the asparagus soup, which he said was “tasty”. We both had the beef tournedos for our main with potato, broccoli and tomato on the side. I had the chocolate lava cake for dessert (my favourite dessert on cruises but wasn’t as good as RC or NCL) and Jordan had the key lime pie, which I recall had an odd texture and he wasn’t a big fan. No pictures as neither of us remembered to take a phone with us!

Gatsby Party

After supper, we listened to music in the atrium for a while and watched the officer’s dance. The atrium was definitely our favourite place to hang out after supper. This night also happened to be Gatsby night. We headed to The Haven where we watched The Love Game (three couples participate for a prize). After that, it was transformed into a roaring 20’s Gatsby party. The music sounded fun but not our vibe, so we headed back to our cabin.

When we got back to our cabin, we found an envelope containing photos that we had taken before supper. The envelope stated that if you wanted to keep the photos, a charge would be applied to your room (I believe it was around $25USD). If you didn’t want to keep the photos, you had to leave them out for your stateroom attendant to take on Day 3 (Grand Cayman). I didn’t like this tactic and I’m certain people who didn’t read the instructions were upset when they were charged for photos they may not have wanted.

Overall, we had a great first day at sea. Keep watching for our day #3, which features our first port of call!

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