MSC Seaside Cruise Diary
Ochos Rios Cruise Port

Jamaica has some of the bluest water I’ve ever seen!

Breakfast in the MDR

We didn’t book this cruise based on the itinerary. In fact, all of the cruises we’ve done so far have had a western itinerary. I have to book my holidays so far in advance and the week that I had chosen was, once again, a western itinerary sailing. Because of this, we really didn’t care too much about rushing off the ship to explore the ports and decided to enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the main dining room.

While waiting in line, we were asked if we would mind sharing a table with another group. While we were tempted to say yes, as we prefer to eat alone, we didn’t want to sound rude. We ended up sharing a table with another couple from Florida. They were cruise agents checking out MSC for the first time. Apparently they had been told that this sailing was 65% North American, however, they were skeptical to believe it.

For breakfast, I had a yummy smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel. I had to assemble it myself, which worked for me as I don’t like a lot of smoked salmon on my bagel. My only complaint was the lack of capers! Jordan had a waffle with strawberry syrup. It was nothing great and apparently “super sweet”. Service that morning was decent, not the best but not bad!


Margaritaville Ochos Rios

MSC Seaside South Beach Pool

Loved the South Beach pool, especially on port days!

After breakfast we decided to lounge by the adults-only pool on deck 7. As it was our first port day, the ship was practically deserted and we had no difficulty finding loungers poolside. It was scorching hot that day and we also had no trouble finding loungers in the shade. The pool was cool and refreshing. While I didn’t go for a swim, I appreciated that one could swim in the pool due to the 6ft depth. Unlike other cruises where people just stand in the pool and drink all day, this one was actually functional.

Finally we decided to head ashore for some wifi and a snack. We hadn’t intended to go to Margaritaville after a bad experience at the Falmouth location, but ended up wandering there anyway. The wifi was good, the drinks were cold (and yummy!) and we split a calamari for lunch.

Margaritaville Ochos Rios Calamari


Margaritaville Ochos Rios

Now this was a yummy drink!

The Ochos Rios Margaritaville has a small pool with a slide as well as a beach area. I would have liked to stayed and gone for a swim but we wasted a lot of time eating/browsing our phones so we decided to head back to the ship.

Margaritaville Ochos Rios

View of the MSC Seaside from Margaritaville

MSC Seaside Ochos Rios

A fellow Canadian actually spotted my “Eh Team” shirt & asked where we are from!

Back on Board

MSC Seaside Ochos Rios

Our view from the lunch buffet

Once we got aboard, we were still a little hungry so we went to the buffet for hot dogs and salad. After lunch, we headed to Deck 16 and enjoyed a hot tub to ourselves, then found a lounger and read for a while. We then headed to Venchi for gelato before getting ready for supper that night.

MSC Seaside Buffet Lunch

Buffet lunch


MSC Seaside

What a view from the hot tub!

Not Our Favourite Supper


MSC Seaside Dinner MenuMSC Seaside Dinner MenuMSC Seaside Dinner Menu

For supper, I had the Portobello au Gratin to start and Jordan had the Turkey Waldorf Salad. We both decided to order the Penne Pasta with Vodka for our main, despite the fact that neither of us are pasta lovers. It was okay, but we are definitely the worst people ever to review pasta. For dessert, I chose the Brownie Stack while Jordan had the Wild Berry Cobbler. Overall, this was one of my least favourite meals on the trip. The service that night was also poor, with a long wait for water and for our plates to be cleared.

MSC Seaside Food

Portobello Au Gratin

MSC Seaside Food

Turkey Waldorf Salad

MSC Seaside Food

Penne Pasta with Vodka (we forgot to take a picture before we started eating, oops!)

MSC Seaside Food

Chocolate Brownie Stack

MSC Seaside Food

Wild Berry Cobbler

After supper, I didn’t feel too well. We headed back to the cabin where I curled up on the bed, took some pills, and had a little nap.


The Wizard

The perks of having an early supper is that you can have a nap afterwards & still have time to enjoy the evening! After I woke up, I was feeling much better so we headed down to the atrium for a drink. If I recall, I was drinking ginger ale that night! I wasn’t seasick but obviously something that I ate that day didn’t agree with me.

MSC Seaside Atrium

We loved listening to the DJ in the atrium every night

One thing I loved about the MSC Seaside was the chips! I’m a salty snacker but not a fan of nuts so I was all too happy to receive a little bowl of potato chips to munch on at night. The salt also seemed to help my stomach.

We decided to check out the theatre show that night, titled The Wizard. I had read a lot about the shows on the MSC Seaside but I still wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. The show didn’t really follow a storyline, it felt more like a variety show. However, the performers were very talented and it was fun to watch. It featured dancing, singing, aerobics, magic tricks and more.

MSC Seaside The Wizard

The Wizard

After the show, we decided to grab a slice of pizza and relax on our balcony. That night, “The Proposal” was playing on TV so we watched a few minutes of that before falling asleep. Day 3 done and we are nearly halfway through our cruise!

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