Back to Cozumel.. Yet Again

As our previous two cruises have been Western and have included Cozumel as a port stop, we decided in advance that we were not going to get off the ship this time. A lot of people really love Cozumel as a port and we have enjoyed it in the past but had no desire to go back again without an excursion planned.

MSC Seaside Review

Cozumel is a busy spot! There were at least 3-4 other ships in port that day. Sadly, they were docked at the other port in Cozumel!


A Lazy Ship Day

MSC Seaside Review

South Beach Pool

We started the day off by sleeping in, then headed to the buffet for a small bite to eat. As most people went ashore, we took advantage of the lower crowds. We plopped ourselves right in front of the South Beach pool and read all morning. For lunch, we grabbed nachos and pizza (of course) from the buffet and ate it poolside.

MSC Seaside Buffet

Buffet Lunch – Pizza, Nachos and Dolce de Leche Cheesecake

After lunch, we headed back to our stateroom to get out of the heat for a while. There was a Harry Potter marathon on TV so we turned that on then fell asleep for an afternoon nap. We definitely spent more time relaxing and sleeping on this cruise than in the past! I think this was partially because it was our first solo cruise, but also because we really just needed the R&R.

MSC Seaside MDR MenuMSC Seaside MDR Menu

Once again, we headed to the MDR for supper. Jordan chose the cream of chicken soup as his starter, while I decided on the grilled green asparagus with hollandaise sauce and pancetta chips. Oh my goodness. This was the best appetizer of the whole trip and I think I would have ordered it every night if I could have.

MSC Seaside Review

Asparagus with Hollandaise and Pancetta

MSC Seaside Review

Cream of Chicken Soup

For my main I ordered the short beef ribs while Jordan chose the rotisserie chicken from the classic menu. We both decided to have turtle cheesecake for dessert, which wasn’t an option on the menu when we checked it on the app. All of the food was tasty and we felt that the service was really improving at this point.

MSC Seaside MDR

Braised Short Ribs

MSC Seaside MDR

Rotisserie Chicken

MSC Seaside MDR

Turtle Cheesecake


Chocolate & Lavender

After supper, we decided to check out a new bar- the Seaview Lounge. It has a more intimate vibe with mood lighting and comfy couches. The service was friendly but slow at this bar. Despite not being busy at all, I think I waited for 15-20 minutes for a drink! I ordered the Pomegranate Mojito which wasn’t on the menu at other bars and it was super yummy. I then tried the Blueberry Lavender Mojito.. not so yummy. I liked the concept of it but apparently I don’t like the taste of lavender!

MSC Seaside Review

One of my favourite things about the Seaside was the availability of after-supper snacks!

We then decided to leave the Seaview Lounge and head to the Shine Bar in the Atrium for another few drinks. Of course, we ended the night at Venchi, where I tried a chocolate shot and a cappuccino for the first time. It was my goal to try everything on the regular drink menu there and I think I succeeded! The chocolate shot was incredibly rich (unsurprisingly) but also delicious. If you like Nutella, it’s basically a shot of better-tasting Nutella.

MSC Seaside Venchi


Naturally, we ended the night with a slice of pizza before heading to bed. We definitely had a standard after supper ritual this cruise: drinks, Venchi, pizza, bed. I apologize if it seems monotonous at this point but I assure that we aren’t usually this boring! 😉

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